Time is TBD | Santa Margherita Ligure

Acro Mastermind Teacher Training- Italy Edition!

“What sort of teacher will you be?” - we can choose it! As for the Pizza, ingredients are not the same, choosing the right ones make the difference ;-)

Acro Mastermind Teacher Training- Italy Edition!

Time & Location

Santa Margherita Ligure 16038 Santa Margherita Ligure, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy

About Event

 What to expect? This teacher training will draw primarily from our years of progressive acrobatics self study, teaching tours, and “MasterMind” programs. Designed for all the practitioner, the training will be focused on three main points: -Developing progressive “athletic” training tools and applying them to partner acrobatics; -learning the art of self diagnosis to troubleshoot failures and plateaus in the practice; -train as a “coach” and “teacher” with the skills necessary to inspire your students and help them reach their goals – even when those goals surpass your own skills. 

This is an ALL levels training. YES, THAT'S IT!  

We have set this training up in such a way that everyone learns and gets challenged no matter where you are at on your acro journey. Of course, however if you are complete beginner (only a few months in) we ask that you wait until our next training. For those who need a list of pre reqs to see where you are at, you will find our basic pre reqs below.  1 min shoulderstand 15 sec tuck sit 30 sec handstand at wall or in middle of room 1 min foot to hand 30 sec free star 15 sec side star or any other mono limb balance of choice 

We ask that all applicants be serious in their desire to attend.  

Ideally you have trained with us before, or know of our practice.  If not, it is a great benefit if you come recommended from someone that knows our ways and thinks that you are a good fit!  

Once you have been accepted, we will send you our Acro Mastermind 1.0 Online program free of charge so that you get a good idea of our methods.  

Upon registering, we ask that you tell us why you want to come to this training. We will set up a relaxed over the phone or Skype conversation to make sure this training is in fact the right one for you! If we believe it is not a good fit, you will receive a full refund. You can also have a call with Acroseeds. 

WHERE: The beautiful and turistic town of Santa Margherita, a little port in the amazing Golfo Paradise Bay, Italy, perfect for holiday and adventures under the sunny Italian October!  

COSTS: The TT is residential, so all prices includes meals and room.  Delicious Italian and veggy food from InFusion Cucina Yoga Store. Here some of the options: TT fees+ meals and shared room (3/4px) UNTIL 1st JUNE 985€ AFTER 1095€ - Family pack (1 adult+ 1 kid in a double room + meals+ 5 days nature kid camp) 1.420€  - ACROFUSION TEACHERS AND MM TEACHERS please ask for a discount we set especially for you! 

NOT included: transportation costs, flights, adventures...and what is not specified above. 

How to Register:  Fill the form and pay 250€ deposit (275$ US)  once received we will set up a call or mail you if known. If you have any questions reach out to jandc@jandctraining.com or valeria@acroyoga.it. You can pay Acroseeds by bank transfer or JandC by paypal (adding 3% fees) or Venmo for no fees 

We ask for another deposit of 250€ before the 1st of June and the rest before the TT starts. 



What is the program like?  During the program, you can expect long days of physical training and discussions on technique and training for the first half of the training. The second half of the training will be more focused on coaching/teaching, partner and group diagnosing, and discussions on the many different aspects of what it means to be a coach/teacher, and how to build community. 

And, It would not be a JandCtraining without some adventure. So expect a few small optional activities outside of the normal training, including a day in the middle of the training for an outdoor adventure where we can enjoy some of the beautiful terrain Italy has to offer thanks to Outdoor Portofino!!  


We invite families or single parents to come over (dear moms this is for you especially!!!)  Together with Outdoor Portofino we organize a Nature School for kids, 5/6 days, from 1 to 18. Kids pay half for accomodation and food.  

For any other question, you don't find here or in the form please write to: valeria@acroyoga.it


Excited to see you there!